Friday, 17 December 2010

A Non Needlework Post and a Late Christmas Recommendation

I'm not a big nails person, but every now and then I like to make an effort. The excellent Wah Nails opened down the road from me last year, and since my first visit in February, I've been a lot more interested. The pictures above are from my most recent visit, on the 10th - aren't they fab! And they seem to be lasting - the pictures above were taken after 3 days of washing up, sewing, cooking, and generally being clumsy with my hands. They're starting to wear out now, after a week, but I think, overall, not bad for wear and tear.

Also, while surfing the net looking for Christmas presents (mostly for myself......), I found the most brilliant publisher on Ebay. I wanted to treat myself to a copy of 1940's Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich to replace the PDF I downloaded from Vintage Passions Just Like Mine (thanks La Dama!). But there is no way I'm paying £99.00 on Amazon (approx $150 USD)!!! After following a few leads on various blogs, etc, I found out this book is an abridged version of a book by Ivan of Hollywood, originally published in the 1940's. And guess what -you can buy it from Bramcost Publications for about £12.00! Maybe I'm the last person to find this out, but I ordered one straight away. It hasn't arrived yet, but if it goes well, I shall definitely be ordering more, as they specialise in re-printing vintage craft books. There are loads of tasty titles - I like the look of the 'Chic Hand Knitted and Crochet Creations' from 1932. Check them out!


  1. The nails are looking great after 3 days of so much activity. I am so envious of all the lovely styles out there at the moment, I really should stop biting mine (shameful).

  2. Are you in East London then lady? Lovely nails.

    Do let us know how the book is.

  3. I am indeed in East London. The book probably won't come until after Christmas - can't wait!

  4. Hi Nicole
    I hope you had a wonderfly relaxing Christmas and that your nails still look fab!
    I forgot to mention it earlier, I have given you the 'I love your blog' award check it out over at mine Wendy x


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