Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Making of a Knitted Rock God

Watching 'Lemmy the Movie'
Can you guess who it is yet?

It's Slash! When I joined Lakota's blog swap project, I was pleased to get Liza at The Vintage Knitter. Brilliant! I was already a follower, and knew she liked heavy metal, vintage Twinkle annuals, and knitting (of course!) She sent me a great bunch of gifts, so I had a lot to live up to. I hit upon the idea of combining knitting and rock by creating the woolly guitarist you see above. I took a Joey Ramone dolly pattern from Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stoller and improvised the rest. And I was able to make it out of oddments, so kept it under the maximum spend.

Go check out The Vintage Knitter to see what she thought of it!


  1. I love the photo of Slash watching Lemmy - very apt!

  2. oooh would someone would make me a Morrissey knitted doll,lol
    You did a great job, he is cool. love the tv pic.

  3. I just came over to say I think your gifts for TVK have been some of my favourite so far! Knitted Slash is AWESOME! Also a big fan of Twinkle.
    Did you post on what she sent you? I have a linky post up on the blog now so we can all share.

    (Incidentally, I seem to be missing a lot on my dashboard, some blogs don't seem to be updating, I don't remember seeing any of your recent posts, sorry)

  4. Better late than never, I seem to have missed this post oops!!

    Anyway Your knitted Slash is totally Brilliant!! You have really captured him, I especially like the nose ring!! Fabulous!!!!


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