Sunday, 9 October 2011

Crazy Crochet Lady

I've re-re-discovered crochet. I'll explain: I grew up in 1970's in the San Francisco area, with a mother who was VERY keen on crochet, so my whole childhood was smothered in the stuff. Totally put me off, until the 90's, when it got cool again. I had collected quite a few vintage patterns by then, so I taught myself a few stitches, and made a lacy white top for wearing with my Madchester baggy jeans.

Then I went off it again. 

Until recently, when I had an irrational need for a snood. I bought some purple lurex wool from All the Fun of the Fair on a whim (it was on sale; go check it out, it's a cute shop), and decided it would have been perfect. Trawled the net for a pattern, and also pulled out my 70's knitting book, then got going!

Brilliant knitting and crochet book!

This was the result of the pattern from the net:

But purple doesn't go with everything. I need a black snood I can wear to work. (I improvised this one with a stitch from the Encyclopedia):

 What about when I'm feeling a bit Busby Berkeley? I need a silver snood:

 Now I need something nautical - a red sailor hat from the Vogue Knitting Book of 1950:

The version in the book...
......and my version. Can you tell the difference?
And now I've done so much crocheting, I have repetitive strain injury in the fingers of my left hand. I'm typing with one finger! I wake up every morning with a throbbing pain in my knuckles. But I can't stop! I'm especially enjoying crocheting on public transport - better than Sudoku, and people don't sit next to you because they think you're nuts.


  1. Those snoods and the hat are great :-) I wish I could crochet but I've only got as far as making the foundation chain!

    P.S. I love your classic cars blouse

  2. oh this snoods look so glamourous and fabulous!!! i have to learn to crochet! and how classy and elegant you look!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  3. I LOVE your snoods and THAT FABULOUS RED HAT!

    (I recently completed a 1968 crocheted dress - you can see it here

    Yay for vintage crochet patterns!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Those are awesome! I wish I could crochet. Knowing how to knit though, crochet with just one needle confused me ;)

  5. oooh love the purple snood, you should sell them on Ebay.You look fabulosa amro. I have a red one and blue lurex one.

  6. loving the snoods, ive been eyeing a few up recently too. Great crochet action, i learnt and then with everything didnt do it for a while to have forgotten! Must get back into it. Scarlett x

  7. Ohh, you look sooo lovely with your snoods! Certainly, crochet is addictive ...


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