Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Swap Loveliness

Look what the postie brought for me! These lovely parcels came to me from Liz at Ginger and Shortbread, arranged via Lakota's blog. Mr. Needles told me I should wait until Christmas to open them, but rules are for breaking, and I don't have that kind of willpower.

So this is what was in store for me:

A whole bunch of crafty, vintagey loveliness, with a bit of a Scottish theme!

There was some gorgeous smelling soap, a little tin heart (that's going straight on to the tree), and a box of Edinburgh Castle rock sweets:

 Next up was a copy of the Simplicity Sewing book from the 1970's:

 Now anyone who knows me will know that I'm mad on sewing books and diagrams, so this was perfect! I already have an early 1960's edition of this, but this one was completely re-vamped, with some great images. Here are a couple:

 And last but not least, this brilliant tea cosy made by Liz herself:

Tea cosy in use!
I love all the colours, and the 2 little pom poms on top are the perfect finishing touch! Mr Needles kept trying to wear it!

Finally, a bit of Scottish cheekiness in the card from Liz:

Love it! 

A HUGE thank you to Liz for all the brilliant presents, and all the effort and thought she put into them. Everyone should look at her blog - she takes some beautiful photos of her local area, and has that special charity shop luck I just don't seem to posess. And thanks to Lakota for organising it all.

Happy Christmas, and see you all in the New Year!


  1. Oh I opened mine ages ago, it's allowed! Great gifts, those Simplicity sewing books always have slightly terrifying covers - wonder if it was where they got the idea for Edward Scissorhands?

    Have a lovely Christmas xx

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, Nicole. Glad you like the gifts! Everything you sent to me was just perfect! Have a great Christmas.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I opened mine on Christmas Eve!
    She did well..that tea cosy is the cutest, I would of worn it as a hat too.
    love the Simplicity sewing books.

  4. I opened mine early too- the packaging was ripped on one so I thought it was inevitable! I am soooo jealous you got a teacosy!!!


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