Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jubilee Swapsies

Look what Mr Postman brought for me just the other day:

My Jubilee Swap parcel from the lovely Lucy at 1940's Style For You, as organised by Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.

Lucy was so generous - inside were all of these shiny bits of loveliness:

Which revealed  a selection of homemade and thrifted items:

A knitted shrug pattern, a copy of Needlewoman and Needlecraft, 2 style patterns, some gummy sweets (quickly scoffed mostly by Mr Needles!), and a corsage, made by Lucy herself.

As well as this, Lucy included a red beret which she knitted, no doubt from a vintage pattern:

Close up of handmade felt corsage, and cute red beret
As usual, the British summer has proved to be mostly wet (I imagine the Olympic comittee must be praying to Aztec Sun Gods by now...), so the beret has aleady spent a day upon my head, and protected me well from the drizzle:

A big thank you, Lucy! I hope my parcel lives up to her standards. And make sure you stop by her blog, where you can see her beautiful vintage knitting, as well as her days out re-enacting WW2.


  1. Hi Nicole,
    What a lovely post, you've been very kind. I'm so pleased you like the items - the beret looks fantastic, who'd have thought you'd need it in July - good old British weather :o)
    Best wishes
    Lucy x

  2. Great parcel, the beret really suits you, and an amazing corsage too. Thanks for taking part and linking up xx


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