Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fever Induced Knitting and Sewing

The last 2 weeks of my life have mostly consisted of this:

Get me, mixing my medications - living on the edge!

 Yup, as is so often the case at this time of year, I have succumbed to flu, like 90% of the rest of the nation. Hacking cough, aches and pains, exhaustion, sweating alternating with shivering - the whole gamut of general illness. I've generally felt like this:

Resting on my deathbed...

Besides watching re-runs of 'Poirot' and 'Murder She Wrote', the only thing I've been able to manage is knitting. I've started on this project from an American copy of The Vogue Knitting Book from Autumn/Winter 1951:

With all this time on my hands recuperating, I've wizzed through this - only the sleeves left to do!

I've also started this:

Le-Roy Pattern, early 1970's (I think...)
I've always loved the 1940's via the 1970's - I love the way they've styled it with wedges and a hair snood. And the black and pink floral cotton sateen I pulled out of my stash is just perfect for view B.

Anyway, I think the worst of my illness has gone, so normal service is about to be resumed!


  1. Hope you are feeling much better real soon, you even look great resting on the deathbed!! Sewing is my thing, admire those who can knit so well too. I am still at the severe concentration stage with knitting. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  2. Ugh!! I had those germs just before last Christmas, the hot/cold thing was the worst bit. Glad you're over the worst of it! I love the knitting pattern, the cabled button band is lovely. Good luck with the rest of it. :)

  3. So many people at work have been sick recently, glad to hear you're feeling better! x

  4. I've just got over a bug and spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself, so you get my sympathy xx

  5. Sorry to hear but at least you have a hobby. Looks like you are a very productive sick person.


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