Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween Part 2 - Warriors, Come Out to Play-ay...

Anyone a fan of 'The Warriors'? For the uninitiated, its a film from 1979 set in New York City. This is New York before Giuliani, before gentrification, before Sex and the City, cosmos, and cool loft apartments. What it had instead is crime, urban decay and lots of hysteria about  street gangs. It's these gangs which the film focuses on, giving them theatrical costumes and names and placing them in a mythical nighttime environment. The story is simple -  the focal gang of the title, the Warriors, find themselves stranded in Manhattan, and have to make their way across the city back to their home turf of Coney Island. Along the way they have to pass through rival gangs' turf, prompting confrontations with some curiously outfitted groups.

Talk to any one who knows this film and the gang they remember is the Baseball Furies. I suppose the outfit is so outlandish, verging on ridiculous, that you just can't forget it; apparently the inspiration came from the directors combined love of baseball and KISS.

I've always harbored a secret desire I to dress up as a Baseball Fury; this Halloween I decided to go for it! -

I didn't know there was a hole in my tights at the time...I suppose it adds to the look...

As usual, I had to include an element of crafting, which is how the shorts came into being. Take some white jersey shorts from the sale rail at American Apparel, add masking tape and fabric paint - 

- And you have matching Baseball Furies shorts -

Out I ventured into the freezing cold on Saturday night to scare the customers at Super Satanic Saturday

On the door with Honey Manko
- where guests paid tribute to their dead loved ones at our Voodoo altar - 

 Well, Halloween is over, the glitter and greasepaint have been put away, and now it's back to business as usual. Hope you all had a great time, and see you soon!


  1. LOVE your outfit! Great idea with the fabric paint, too :-)

  2. I love The Warriors. That's a great Halloween costume.

  3. I remember watching The Warriors too! Great Halloween costumes - both you and Honey

  4. Love it! The Baseball Furies are the best costume, and so creepy!


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