Tuesday, 1 March 2011

At Last! A Completed Knitting Project I'm Happy With

When I'm not sewing, I'm almost always knitting. But rarely do I complete a project, because I'm so impatient I can't BEAR the amount of time it takes, and I'm never happy with the results. But I just made the easiest, quickest shrug ever, and for once, I really like it! That's me looking really pleased with myself, and below is the original:

How scrawney are her arms!?!? I think that's why I hardly ever complete any knitting, because it never looks like the picture, and I'm a much curvier shape than most of the models, so I'm ultimately really disappointed. Also, most of the patterns I want to try out call for 2 and 3 ply yarns, which I've always found hard to source, so I end up improvising with thicker weights, which never work out. I know there are some experienced knitters out there, who must have come across this dilemma - do you have any recomendations for alternative wools?

That said, I did improvise with this one, and it worked out fine. The pattern recommended 2 or 3 ply wool, but used double. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino double knitting, and it worked out great.

Here are some close up pictures:

See you soon!


  1. Oh its Lovely!
    I buy machine knitting wool (you get it on those big cones) from ebay, as you can get it in fine weights (4ply can be more like a 2ply).
    I tend to double (or treble) it up to make aprox the right ply for the project, its a bit more time consuming (all that balling up), but for the much cheaper price and wide choice of colours I think its worth the extra effort!

  2. so pretty..love the shell look in the back too.you did a marvelous job amor.
    I adore your hair.

  3. That shrug looks great on you, I can see why you're smiling. I agree with you about the model; some of those 50s models are so tiny, especially their waists. I'm currently knitting my bolero in Sirdar Balmoral DK although the vintage pattern states 3ply. I had managed to get the correct tension with it, although I've now noticed that my finished back is a bit wider than it should be, but at least thats better than being narrower (in my case!).

    P.S. I love your hairstyle too, that blonde streak is fab.

  4. Oh it is PERFECT! How long did it take?


    Seriously, that is really gorgeous and so versatile - you look beautiful!

    Sarah xxx


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