Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What Colours Go With Pale Green?

I know it looks like something you would make into little boy's pyjamas, but I couldn't resist this fabric, so bought some with the intention of making the blouse below (the one on the left in red):

My dilemma is this : I don't really know what colours go with pale green, therefore I'm going to be rather limited in what I will be able to wear the finished blouse with. I have some denim pedal pushers which will be fine, and a few reliable black pencil skirts, but that feels a bit limiting. So I'll probably end up making something new, like another skirt, to go with this top. My husband suggests purple, but he always says that, because it's his favourite colour! Does anyone out there have any ideas?

On a different note, I included the detail above from the instructions inside the pattern because I love the line drawings - I think they are things of beauty! I'm one of those weird people that can sit and read vintage knitting and sewing patterns the way other people read novels, and I'm often filled with awe at the way they were formulated without the use of computers, or probably any technology, other than rulers and pencils, and the experience of those writing them. And there are never any credits - who were they?

Anyway, here's to 'em, because without them I'd have many of empty hours and a much poorer wardrobe!


  1. It will be fine, there are so many colours on the cars in that fabric. Red, blue, yellow, black or grey would all go. Or as you say, denim. x

  2. oh what pretty cute fabric, I say red cause, I love red but like Penny,most colors on the pattern even lime green too.cant wait to see the finish project.

  3. i can really see this with a spring-yellow full skirt ending at knee level. i love that print =-)

  4. FABULOUS fabric! Agree with all of the above - you could wear it with any of the other colours in the print. I would go with red or yellow, but they are my favourite colours so I ALWAYS say that!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    Sarah xxx


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