Monday, 6 June 2011

A Butterfly Bearing Gifts

The postman delivered a lovely surprise for me today - a prize from Wendy at the Butterly Balcony! Inside was a beret crocheted by Wendy herself, as well as a copy of 'Stitchcraft' from 1937.  It was beautifully wrapped, and she'd even included some spare wool in case I wanted to sew the bow on the beret in place. How thoughtful!

I had the day off, so I chose a top to complement it, and wore it all day. Here are some pictures:

 Now I'm over 50 followers, I'm going to have to think of something to give back - giveaway coming up soon!


  1. congrats, you look lovely in red amor.

  2. thank you for the mention, I'm soooo glad that you like it its really made my day!!! And red definitely is your colour!! X

  3. That hat was made for you. You look gorgeous in red.

  4. What a great hat, looks fab on you! x


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