Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Make and Mend Sunday

If you head over to New Vintage Lady, you'll see that she has launched Make and Mend 2011. I haven't done any sew-alongs yet, and I thought this was an ideal one to join. 

I just had a bit of a wardrobe clearout, and found so much stuff I forgot I had - shameful! I'm not religious or anything, but I have a natural feeling of guilt for owning so much, and not even using it. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm not one of those throwaway people - I have cheap £4 t-shirts that I've worn for over 5 years - but I also love new stuff. I can't justify adding to my wardrobe when there are items just languishing there. So this month I'm not going to buy any new fabric or knitting wool, and try to re-model some of my old stuff.

Tea and cakes made by me!
With this in mind, I got together with my oldest friend in the world, Isabel, and we had an afternoon of drinking tea, sharing projects, and re-modelling some old bits and pieces. We got a bit carried away with the chat, so I kinda forgot to take any pictures, but this what we did:

  • Made an old See by Chloe tunic dress less shapeless with the addition of some darts and a little taking in at the sides (Isabel)
  • Took an Orla Kiely a-line skirt in at the waist, so that it fit better (Isabel)
  • Sliced the top off an old dress, in order to make it into a skirt (me - picture below)
Dress made by me, 9 years ago - doesn't fit, don't like...
... Will now be a fab a-line skirt with pockets

A great afternoon was had by all, and it was great to take old pieces and breathe new life into them. It was like getting new clothes!

As well as this, I've mended the closure on a black Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt (which I've been wearing for at least 6 years) - this is a real achievement, as I hate mending. And I've knitted 2 hats out of oddments of wool:
I've got loads more to re-do - skirts to take in, dresses to re-model - so watch this space......


  1. Such a great idea with the remakes, i really should sort through my wardrobes but havent got the stamina as yet ;o) Scarlett x

  2. It is a great idea to remodel/remake things. I wish I had the patience! x

  3. Hi Nicole, keep an eye out for your Postie over the next few days as I've posted your blog swap parcel to you this lunchtime! I've had great fun looking out for special things for you :-)

  4. great thinking, I been doing clearing out myself. love your knitting skills. food looks lovely.


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