Saturday, 2 July 2011

Make Do and Mend meets '9-to-5' and goes to Glee

Old dress - just too much burgundy......
In my last post, I had started to re-model the dress above into an a-line skirt. I sliced the bodice off, unpicked the waistband, cut a new waistband from the sleeves, and used the pattern below for some snazzy new pockets:

Pattern detail

And here's the finished product:

One of the pockets up close
It has a sort of 1970's secretary feel to it, like Jane Fonda in '9-to5' (love that movie!). 
Jane (right) looking uncannily like the model on the pattern
 It also reminds me of something Emma Pilsbury from 'Glee' would wear. That's why I teamed it with the pussycat bow blouse and wore it to 'Glee Live' on Thursday:

Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Lauren get GaGa in London
I had a thoroughly good time, and I don't care who knows it!


  1. That was a great re-modelling project; the skirt looks fab on you and I like that colour too.

    P.S. Glad you had a fun time at Glee Live

  2. I hav to say Glee is my guilty pleasure - I bet it was a total hoot! x

  3. wow! wonderful remodeling amor.
    I you loos so much like Tongolele exotic dancer.
    I have to confess I watch Glee to and love it.

  4. Looks great, good job! I love the pockets :).


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