Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Barcelona, Here I Come!

Finally! We're off on holiday to Barcelona for 5 nights. Can't wait - feels like I haven't been away for ages. And it's a great excuse to make some new holiday outfits:

 I plan to make the skirt from the Weldons 7493 and the short sleeved top from the McCall's 4159.If I have time, I may even make the trousers as well.

I went to my favourite shop, Dalston Mill Fabrics on Ridley Rd, and chose 2 fabrics. The red one (for the top), is a rayon print reminiscent of a bandanna, and the blue one (for the trousers and skirt), is a cotton drill in a vivid blue:

 So far, I've finished the top:

And here are some details:

Cute little Peter Pan collar

Little pocket (serves no purpose other than drawing attention to your bust!), and tab detail from sleeve
Drawstring waist (sorry about the poor picture quality)
I've just finished the skirt, but I'll wait until we get to sunny Barcelona to take photos of the full outfit. Expect some serious 'overdressed tourist' photos - I have no time for this dress down stuff. 

See you when I get back!


  1. That is such a pretty top - I love that Peter Pan collar. Aren't you going to make the bikini top too? Have a great time in Barcelona!

  2. That top is wonderful and I love both your patterns. Have a fabulous time and please bring some sunshine back with you. x

  3. Amorcito,
    All the pattern are amazing.
    Peter Pan collar top is beautiful. you should make a playsuit for your trip.
    Have lots of fun in the sun!
    You are looking so Tongolele!

  4. Truly excited to have found your blog!
    My mother is an amazing seamstress and i've always wanted to learn!
    So, you're inspiring!

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  5. This is so pretty! Following you now. Im scared to look at your Barcelona post cause it will make me mad jealous.


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