Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Make Up Review: Chanel Luminous Cream Eyeshadow in no. 85 Mirifique

I'm going to depart from the needlework norm here, and do a bit of a make-up review. I usually like cheap and cheerful makeup - Rimmel, Barry M, etc - but every now and then I treat myself to something a bit more luxurious. And as I work in a fancy pants department store, with discount, it seems a shame to waste it!

I treated myself to a part of the new fall Chanel range, one of their new cream eyeshadows. Even though I am a devotee of less expensive products, I do like the way with luxury products you get great packaging, and a few extras, like the little angled brush seen in the left foregound above.

I chose the cream eyeshadow in no. 85 Mirifique, which is a black base combined with multicolour sparkle. I say cream, but it is more of a rubbery gel, almost with the consistency of Plasticine (or Play Doh for North American readers):

As soon as you apply it, it turns to a powdery consistency. This is when you notice the quality of the product; unlike other cream eyeshadows I've tried in the past, it doesn't have that greasy texture you so often find, and the sparkle lasts all day, without fading away like other products.

Here are some examples on the back of my hand:

 The angled brush is great, because you can use it to draw a thin line or a larger sweep of shadow. 

And here it is for a smoky eye effect:

I worked it into the crease, and then under the eye, for a dark, almost Debbie Harry-ish look. 

Here's a close up:

I wore it with Bourjois plum eyeshadow on the lid, Botanics eyshadow up to the brow in latte, Rimmel liquid liner in black, and Lancome mascara on lashes and eyebrows. You have to practise a bit when using it, as the colour is quite intense and it's easy to slap on too much. You only need to work a little into the brush, then blend it.

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite products. Why? Because it lasts all day; it's versatile - you can use it to cover the whole lid or just as a liner; and a little goes a long way.

That's it! Hope this helps anyone who was thinking of buying it.


  1. Ow that looks and sounds great. I love the channel stuff, but it is so expensive.... Sometimes a girl needs to treat herself on something nice. :)
    Love the fact that I stays on so long. My eyeshadow only last a few hours....

  2. Gracias for review . You look gorgeous. I'm a big fan of grey and black eyeshadow.I been thinking of getting Chanel eyeshadows. I love Chanel anti-aging creams. its true a girl should treat herself one in awhile.

  3. Years ago a make-up artist recommended this product to me - and I've still never bought any! I really like the close up of the grey worked into your eye socket.


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