Monday, 3 September 2012

Exploding Thighs

Exploding thighs - that's what happened to my trusty black skinny jeans. A few weeks ago I was pottering around the house, probably occupied in a sewing-based task, and I heard a rip as I sat down. There goes another pair of jeans......

I'm not really rock 'n roll enough to walk around with my inner thigh hanging out, but there was still a lot of life in these jeans. I hate throwing away clothes! And I didn't have the heart to give them to charity with a big hole in them. So I folded them up, put them in the wardrobe, and forgot about them.

Until I was getting dressed one day, and realised I needed a black skirt for slobbing about in. Didn't I have some old jeans somewhere??

Turning old jeans into a skirt

First, I unpicked the inside leg seams. This was the longest step in the whole process - unpicking overlocking is so tedious! And messy! I tried tearing through the layers with my stitch ripper, but couldn't get very far because the stitching was so tight. I slowly unpicked, and snipped, and so on until it looked like this:

Then I unpicked the center front seam to the base of the zip, and the centre back seam until somewhere past the curve, where the seam straightens out. I also left long ends to pull through to the wrong side. I laid the jeans flat, and then overlapped the front and back sections so that the skirt was flat. It looked like this:

Front, with centre front overlapped

Back, with seat area overlapping.
Luckily, it worked out so the big hole was covered up!

Next, I estimated how long I wanted the skirt to be (roughly knee length), and chopped off the legs, leaving a bit more for a hem:

I used these leg pieces to fill in the gaps front and back, pinned them in place, and stitched it all:

Turned up a hem of about 1"/2.5 cm, and voila:

Front view

back view
And there you go - an easy way to add to your wardrobe without spending any money!


  1. He he! Your title made me spit my tea laughing!!
    Oh that jeans remake is too clever!! xx

  2. What a brilliant skirt!! And very satisfing to recycle something that you liked. :)

  3. Oh this is so clever, what a great skirt!


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