Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Style 4782 - It Reminds Me of Something...

Style 4782, from 1974

I made version 3 of the pattern above several weeks ago, but I've been enjoying wearing it so much I didn't find time to blog about it. Here it is:

I love this little dress! I wanted something I could just throw on at any time, so I didn't use any lining, just a facing on the bodice out of a light poly-cotton. I used run-and-fell and French seams, so that they didn't have to be finished inside, and I tried to keep the hand sewing to a minimum, only using it on the hem and to put in the zip.

Here are some details:

-There are 2 little pockets on the front, which are machine stitched directly on:

They're not much use, except for maybe holding a phone or small camera, but I thought the dress was a bit plain without them.

-The neckline is a wide squared off shape, and the seam under the bust dips into a point:

After several times wearing this outfit, it suddenly dawned on me that it resembled something:


Yep, except for the white buttons, this dress is pretty similar to the one Hello Kitty wears! Have I inadvertenly become one of those child-women who spends her time dressing like cartoon characters? I hope not...

I'll leave you with a more grown-up version of the dress, under some beautiful vines in Lisbon.

 Take care!



  1. It's gorgeous, and it looks great with the stripey top. I have to say I would never have thought of Hello Kitty! :)

  2. Nothing wrong with dressing like Hello Kitty! Or a cartoon character, that's my whole look ;) Love the dress, the color is fab and so is the design. Fits you perfectly! ...Cassie

  3. Such a lovely dress! I love the pattern illustration too.

  4. haha I didnt notice the resemblance till you pointed it out. You should add the buttons and sell them as Hello Kitty costumes. You could make a bundle! I fancy the pockets a lot. Always a fun place to put your hands.

  5. super want this!!!!
    I've been obsessing over pinafore/jumper dresses for years now.


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