Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Festivities

February is a big month in the Needles household - we both celebrate our birthdays, as well as our wedding anniversary. Add Valentines day on top of that, and you get about 10 days of celebrations. This year, as we're having a new bathroom fitted which drains funds (Ha! Ha!), I took a couple weeks off work and spent most of it knitting and sewing, as well as watching copious amounts of T.V. It was bliss!

Firstly, I finished Mr Needle's Hot Rod Sweater:

Then I made these gloves out of some wool I had from a previously abandoned project:

Free pattern here

Next, I made a pair of mittens with flaps, as I needed use of my fingers, but also the option to keep warm!

And finally, I've started this sweater, which I'm about one third of the way through, again made from wool from a previously abandoned cardigan:

from 'the Knitter' Magazine
After all of this knitting, I finally got round to properly setting up my Ravelry account:

It wasn't all knitting - I've started on a new dress for work, from a pattern I've had for nearly 20 years, but have only got round to making now:

I see it in black twill, with a black satin Peter Pan collar and a black satin bow detail in the centre front. Believe it or not, but I'm in charge of about 15 people at work, and certain outfits make me feel more confident in my role - I don't think anyone will mess with me in this dress!

I did venture out into the fresh air for a bit, namely to Manchester to visit friends and buy fabric from one of my favourite fabric stores, Abakhan's. Here's what I got for a total of £18, about £3 per meter - bargain! -

From left to right - a wool mix tartan, a cotton horse shoe print, some polyester lining for the dress above, and some Alexander Henry cotton
So I've got plenty to be getting on with - see you soon!


  1. You knitter astound me! I am always so impressed by your work; that hot rod sweater is incredible!!!

  2. All beautiful projects - I wish I could be so prolific at something creative.

  3. oh i love the hot rod sweater you made for your love! your knitting talent really makes me speechless it is soooo wonderful!
    love and kiss,mary


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