Friday, 15 February 2013

More Sewing Inspired Jewellery

First there was the Sewing Machine charm necklace by Juicy, then the Tatty Devine - inspired Measuring Tape Rosettes. Now, I present to you - the Bobbin Necklace:

This piece was inspired by a necklace I recently saw by Sakdidet Road, a Scandinavian (I think?) jewellery firm, who make a similar version in brass, but I prefer silver jewellery. After a visit to the plumbing section of the local hardware store for the chain (£1.50) and Beadworks for the clasp (£1.20) - hey presto! - I had a new piece of jewellery to declare my love of sewing to the world!

 Take care!


  1. oooh what a unique and beautiful necklace! as a sew addict i would love to have it too;)

    1. Thanks! I've got so many ideas for sewing inspired jewellery I'm worried I'll use up all my sewing supplies!

  2. Your necklace is fab! What a great idea. :)

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