Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bloggers Gone Wild!

...Or as my husband keeps muttering 'Will the madness never end?'

It's Sunday and the sun is shining for the second day running (at last!). I have more fabric and patterns than I know what to do with. I'm thinking I need to learn how to make babaganoush. I have a tiny little hangover. I'm trying to decide which era of Joan Collins I would emulate for a fabled Joan Collins sew-along. I have so many projects in my head, I may need to start writing them down. My husband is laughing at how I stumbled through the door late last night happy and tired. And I've got a squillion more blogs to follow.

How did all this happen? Well, yesterday was the great London blogger meet up, as organised by Rachel of House of Pinheiro. And what a great job she did!

Rachel of House of Pinheiro - so calm despite having to herd 40+ sewing bloggers around London

 She thought of everything - concise emails, with links to all of the attendees' blogs, a lovely meal in a restaurant all to ourselves (also organised with the help of Janene from ooobop!), a swap, a goody bag, professional pictures - you name it, she had it covered!

I'd never been to one of these events and was a little nervous. I always get worried about saying the wrong thing, talking too much, not talking enough; you know, all the usual anxieties. But there were so many talented people I recognised, and everyone was so welcoming and friendly I relaxed straight away. We started in the Victoria & Albert Museum foyer, then moved to the cafe. And here are just a few of the ladies I was so fortunate to meet:

Marie - a Stitching Odyssey

Emma - Vintage Ink Fairy

Clare - Sew Dixie Lou
 (The great photos are courtesy of Digpal Singh)

 Then it was on the the courtyard for more mingling in the sunshine and photos:

(Apologies if I forget anyone's name - I knew I should have written them down)

The whole gang - what is the collective noun for a group of bloggers?

Rehanon Misdemeanour and Janene Ooobop - they look like they're up to something...

The tall ladies - Kathryn of Yes, I like that, Shivani of Pinnypinpin, and the unflappable Rachel

I meet Kathryn at last! It was a pleasure. And a small sneak preview of my new capelet - post to come.

That's Roisin in the middle of Dolly Clacket - she had great shoes that matched her dress beautifully!
 Then on to the main event - fabric shopping on Goldhawk Road. 

Bloggers preparing to hit the shops!

We were fortunate enough to be joined by the King on this occasion.
I had mentally limited myself to fabric for 1 project, but of course I bought enough for 2 projects. Add on some replacement sewing machine needles, and I spent approx. £25, not bad for 5m. Here's what I got:

The one on the left - project unknown, but too lovely to leave.The one on the right - I'm seeing a 1930's style dress for the summer.

I don't know if this was the worst or best fabric of the day - plastic quilted Cosmo covers

Our time in the shops was limited - probably a good thing, or I would have spent way too much money - as it was time for lunch:

After eating my own weight in beautiful babganoush and marinated chicken, it was downstairs for the epic swap

You could bring as much or as little as you wanted; I'd actually meant to bring more, but in the end decided to hang on to most of what I'd earmarked for swapping. But luckily the few bits I took went to good homes, and I couldn't help but adopt some bits for myself:

The 3 J's - Janene, Jenni, and Joanne of Sew Little Time inspect their hauls

 After this members of our merry gang started to peel of for journeys home, etc. Being easily persuaded, I was enticed to the pub for a couple of drinks, and then because we were on a sewing high, on to Camden for a rock'n roll night, with all of our bags of fabric in tow.

And that was the fabulous meet up. The authorities didn't have to be alerted, a wrinkle in time wasn't produced by our collective enthusiasm, and some wonderful friendships were made. I couldn't fit in photos of everyone, but it was also great to meet Sally of Charity Shop Chic, Amy of Almondrock, Hannah of Sinbad and Sailor, and Lizzy of Sew Busy Lizzy. I've got an excess of projects and ideas swirling around my head, enough that I'm feeling slightly hysterical. 

And I nearly forgot - I have somehow ended up with the bag of patterns that were left behind at the end of the swap and now have the great responsibility of finding them good homes. If anyone wants a slanket pattern:

 I'm your woman!

See you soon!


  1. It looked like you had a lot of fun!

  2. It was quite a day, wasn't it?! So lovely to have met you, NIcole. And thank you for the special preview of your capelet. Really looking forward to that post!:-)

  3. Sounds like an amazing day!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What a great roundup, it was a pleasure to meet your lovely self and to discover your blog. I love your style and general aesthetic! That fabric that you got on the left is soooo unusual...absolutely adore it and sorry I missed it myself!

  5. it was so lovely to meet you - as i said to you on the day your dress was fabulous! i loved the capelet too. that blue farbic is gorgeous - must look out for that the next time - is it cotton? can't wait for the joancollins-a-long!

  6. Sounds like you all had a great day! x

  7. It was a great day and what a brilliant round up, in my lateness I forgot a camera so it is lovely to see some photos of the day. Was great to meet you x

  8. Ah so you ended up with the slanket pattern! Looking forward to seeing the retro spin you put on it! It was really awesome to meet you. x

  9. It sounds like a brilliant day. I have been wanting to try the Goldhawk fabrics shops for a couple of years, but a bit nervous of coming along to a meet up. Maybe next time I'llpluck up courage. Not sure I'd be as controlled in the shops as you though!

  10. Looks like a great day! The dress your wearing is beautiful, and I do like the blue fabric you bought. I laughed at the slanket pattern, I'm amazed it was even published!

  11. Ah, I'm so sorry!! I would've taken them if I could've carried them!! I felt so awful!! My stupid useless arms. I need to get me a trolley. So lovely to meet you. Writing up my blog as I type

  12. Found my Joan Collins along dress in the new Burda magazine on the train home!! Glad to here the fun continued, but sorry I missed it! Was lovely to meet you and so many others, definately glad I also plucked up the courage to attend my first meet up!

  13. Phew what a day eh! It's thanks to your influence that I brought that map print fabric so I owe you :)

  14. Was lovely having you there, your outfit was super glamorous a d I want that capelet

  15. Such a wonderful weather and beautiful dresses! Great pics!

  16. Nicole! I need your email....I'm clareszabo@gmail.com. Great blog post..can we do it all again tomorrow? ;) xx


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