Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Minerva Crafts Meet Up - Will You Be There?

Have you heard? Minerva's holding a big meet-up to celebrate their success at the British Sewing Awards. As well as great workshops and talks, the members of its Blogger Network will be there, and since I'm one of those bloggers - I'll be there!

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I'll be in great company, with the likes of Jo, Clare, Kathryn, Emmie, Marie, Amy, Rachel and many more (sorry if I forgot anyone), just hanging out and spreading good sewing vibes! There'll also be talks and workshops with great people like the By Hand London gang.

And you get to experience the goodness that is Minerva.

Why are you still reading this - you should be booking those train tickets! If you're thinking of attending, let the good people at Minerva know on Facebook or Twitter, using #MinervaCraftsMeetUp.

See you there!


  1. I would love to go but I have plans on that day. Damn! Maybe if things change I will be able to make it.

  2. There's Rachel from House of Pinheiro's big meet in May - maybe you can make it to that one? It will no doubt be awesome!

  3. I'll be there too! I'm a fairly new addition to the blogger network so am looking forward to meeting everyone :)

  4. pootleandmake.wordpress.com9 April 2014 at 11:03

    Love to come but just found out it's over 3 hours on the train for me : (

  5. A classic Mrs Needles make! Love all your attention to detail, such as the hem finish. Looks really great on you and love the fabric. Great pattern! xx

  6. Oh that sounds fun, I should be able to make that one. I'm away during the week but will be back by the weekend.

  7. I'm only half an hour away. Now I just need to keep my diary free.... ;-)


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