Thursday, 25 February 2016

Vintage Pledge 2016 - a Bit of Leopard

Hello! Once I read about the Vintage Pledge for 2016 on Marie's blog here, I knew I couldn't not get involved. After all, I have more than I know what to do with:

Just a few then...
I decided to start with McCall's 9722, which is a TNT for me. I love the simplicity of the design - it's just one piece and a waistband - and the draping at the waist is flattering and comfortable.

My old leopard skirt was looking the worse for wear, and since I consider leopard a wardrobe basic it was important it was replaced. I spotted this lovely stretch fabric at Fabworks Online:

The skirt fabric is the top right; I went a bit leopard crazy and got the pink jersey for a t-shirt
And here it is:

Picture taking coincided with wash day and my hair being up in a beehive, so Mr Needles decided it would be apt to go full-kitchen sink drama and take some photos while I pegged out the laundry.

The skirt is very easy to make, as it's just a center back seam with a zip and a waistband. I strayed from the vintage path and put in an invisible zip, where normally I would hand pick the zip on a piece like this. But they're still such a novelty to me I want any excuse to use them!

I shortened the length to just past the knee, rather than the vintage mid-calf. The pattern calls for the back vent to be sewn closed, making it in essence a pleat, but I turned it into a lapped split instead. 

And the whole lot was lined with some deep purple poly from my stash:

And that's really it! This is sure to be just the first of many vintage patterns I make up this year. 

See you soon!


  1. So with you on the leopard print! That looks like such a great pattern and the skirt's turned out lovely. Its a flattering fit.
    P.S. Your pattern stash looks intriguing

  2. Its fabulous leopard print is the perfect fabric for it! I adore your kitchen sink photos, theres not many that could look so glamorous while putting out the washing!

  3. Just fabulous! Thanks for taking part again :o)

  4. That's a lovely print, and works perfectly in that skirt pattern! Love your photos!

  5. Great skirt, I love the fabric.

  6. This looks so good on you and your photos are brilliant! That is some amount of vintage patterns you've got there, wow!

  7. That's quite an impressive stash of vintage patterns. Love your skirt - you can never go wrong with a bit of leopard print!

  8. How pretty, and looks so fresh with your top. Cool design clothes online!

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