Thursday, 8 May 2014

Minerva Bloggers Network - 1970's Jumpsuit, McCall's 5366

Hello, there! Time for May's Minerva project. This time we're having a foray into 1976, and the world of jumpsuits! A while ago I noticed a giveaway on the lovely Stacey Stitch's blog, where she was giving away this pattern:

McCall's 5366 from 1976
It was love at first sight, so I was really happy when I won it. With a few meters of black polycotton gaberdine from Minerva, a black zip, and a tiny bit of interfacing, I created this jumpsuit:

I made a few adjustments, such as adding pockets. The original was all one piece with a seam at the center front and back, but I also added as seam at the waist and some slanted pockets:


The original didn't have the elastic at the waist, but I added it to this version as I was worried it would shift around while I wore it:

Casing with elastic inside the waist

The pattern's really simple, with almost no shaping except for some gathers at the shoulder:

And there's a center front zip so getting in and out is easy:

I didn't go for the tie belt - a bit too karate kid; I thought a glam gold belt (which I already had) would lend a touch of 70's disco vibe.

And finally - trouser width. These babies are HUUUGE. They measure 26" around; it's going to have to be wedges or high heels with these, or else my legs will look really short.

A while ago, Clare over at Sew Dixie Lou blogged about her Ailakki jumpsuit from Named patterns (which BTW made her look scalding hawt). She finished the post with a suggestion from her husband that women like jumpsuits, while men aren't so impressed. Well, I love this jumpsuit and have been practically living in it since I finished it, and several people, men included, have commented on it positively. The debate rages on! 

This is also my third entry to the Vintage Pattern Pledge, run by Marie at a Stitching Odyssey - go check it out

Don't forget, if you want a black jumpsuit of your own, head on over to Minerva where you can get everything you need.

See you soon!


  1. Sew Little Time8 May 2014 at 13:57

    witwoo! you look amazing as ever ms needles! i would tend to agree with mr dixie lou (but i think that's the case about most very fashiony things. what does mr needles think?

  2. Charity Shop Chic8 May 2014 at 15:57

    IT'S A JUMPSUIT!!! So awesome Nicole! I am definitely in the pro-jumpsuit camp. Love your styling. Great pictures too :)

  3. abitofanenthusiast8 May 2014 at 16:19

    Undeniably FABULOUS in that jumpsuit my dear! Bravo!

  4. What the world needs now is MORE JUMPSUITS! Bravo!!

  5. I love a jumpsuit, no need to stand in front of the closet and wonder if the top matches the pants you are wearing, just grab and go. Yours looks so great! Amazing job.

  6. tania@sewitanyway.wordpress10 May 2014 at 12:58

    Ooh, I do love this! x

  7. That jumpsuit is fabuloso and you can't go wrong with a decent flare, but you're right about the shoe choice - flats are gonna cut it!


  8. Featured on SSB ❀

  9. Whaou ! Your dress is fantastic ! Your sems are perfect and the buttons so beautiful ! I really love it so I'll try to sew one... and without the explanation because my english is not good enough to understand everythings : too technical for me ! I have to make some adjustments because it's not exactly my size and (luky i've printted it in the right size). I'll have to find a way ; the details of your will help a lot ! So thank you for the pictures you're sharing, it's really great for gilrs like me ! I'll send you a picture of the result ! I've a silk satin pink for the fabric. Hope it won't be too bubble gum style.....

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  11. phenomenal jumpsuit and beautifully you look at it!!!!!!!!!


    In fact, I sewed that pantsuit W-A-A-A-A-Y back in junior high! I was very much a sewing novice and had SO much to learn about fitting patterns over curves. It ended up being a bit short through the bodice, and was uncomfortable to get on/off, so I didn't wear it much.

    And obviously, mine didn't look NEARLY as nice as yours!

  13. You look gorgeous. I was so inspired by your jumpsuit, that I tracked down a copy of the pattern. I love the alterations you made and will incorporate them into my version.


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