Friday, 17 September 2010

1 pattern, 3 dresses

After years of collecting, I have stacks of old patterns, ranging from the 1930's to the late 80's. But there are certain patterns I always gravitate back to, either because they are a joy to make, or they fit me really well. The pattern below is one of these:

Simplicity pattern 6555, circa 1966
I've made the shorter version twice without havibg to make any changes - it fits beautifully! I also love the unusual daigonal seams at the front:
Diagonal seams detail
 And here I am with the 2 versions - on the mannequin is a Halloween Alexander Henry fabric I bought while on holiday in San Francisco, and I'm wearing a black brocade purchased locally. Don't they look different?!
The same dress, 2 different fabrics
Next up - leopard! I've always loved it, and it seems to be in fashion at the moment, so it seems my timing is right. I picked up a couple of metres of this lovely stuff the other day from my favourite 50p stall; total cost £3.00. Bargain!

Detail of leopard fabric

Check back to see my progress!


  1. beautiful creations..oh that leopard fabric is a steal of a deal.

  2. Wow that dress is going to look amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing the result!!!


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