Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sober work skirt, with a surprise! - Part 2

After much slaving over a hot sewing machine, here is the finished product -
'Miss Needles, take a letter'
So let me take you through the rest of the process......

September 2nd -
I finished the seams, ironed them all in place

September 3rd -
I sew the zip in by hand. I chose a nifty red, to add a flash of colour and to match my shiny red lining. I also completed the pockets, which look great!
I cut out the lining and sew the seams. Here's a picture of me ironing it all, looking my least glamourous with pincurls and no make-up!
September 4th -
I sew the pockets onto the skirt and place some vintage buttons I found in a junk shop on to the flaps -

Pocket placed on skirt
Next, the lining is placed inside and sewn over the zip. I sew the waistband together, then pin it to the skirt and sew it in place.

September 6th -
I try on the skirt - lookin' good! I have a special facing for the hem, which I pin in place and then sew. 

September 10th - 
Spend what seems like hours sewing the hem in place. I quickly sew the lining hem, and then the final touch - 2 hooks on the waistband.

So, here's the surprise - 

Remember the Union Jack fabric you saw in part 1? Well, this is what I did with it! As I said, I have to be all sober and grown up for work, but it gives me a little kick to know I've got all sorts of colour and what-not going on underneath. I also lined the pockets with it.

Hem detail - close up
I wore the skirt for the first time today, and had several comments on it, even more when they saw the hem!


  1. Awesome! Love the hem facing and your cute shirt too :-)

  2. love the hem.your always so cute and such creativity.


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