Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Something to cheer you up, and some leopard dress progress

Fabric Label
I found this lovely label wrapped around a roll of black polyester lining in one of my favourite local shops, Dalston Mill Fabrics. I thought it was such a pretty, cheery piece of ephemera, I had to have it, which they didn't mind (probably thought I was a bit mad), and decided to share it with all of you, to cheer you up on these rapidly darkening Autumn days.
Now for some dress progress -
15th September -
I bought a meter of yellow lining from Dalston Mill Fabrics (that's when I found the label above). Went straight home and cut out all the pattern pieces.

18th September -
Get loads done! I sew the darts in the bodice and skirt, then the side and back seams of the skirt, using my favourite French seams, so it's all neat and tidy inside. I also sew the shoulder and side seams of the bodice, using the same technique.

21st September -
Making great progress - I really want to wear this dress by the next weekend. I sew the sleeves together, complete the hems on the sleeves, and attach them to the bodice. I also attach the bodice to the skirt.

23rd September -
I put the zip in by hand, then pin the facing to the neck.

Sewing zip in by hand

Placing dress on my new dress form
I love my dress mannequin! It's totally not my size - she's like a size 8 and a bit shorter than me, I'm like a 10-12 - but it's great to have something to have my work hang on, instead of keeping it in a bag, getting all creased-up.

Dress back - deep V
I've also deviated from the pattern a bit, and added a deep V-neck at the back. I've always loved outfits with something going on at the back - swing coats, fishtails, etc.

Next up - finishing the neckline, lining, and hems.

See you soon!


  1. Wow the dress is looking great!! I wish I was neat enough to use french seams as they look so much more proffesional than my zig zag overlocking!!

  2. great dress skills..love leopard prints.
    guess what? I nomitated your cute blog, for a "One lovely Blog Award"
    check it out!


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