Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sober work skirt, with a surprise! - Part 1

August 15th -
I work in a fancy-schmancy department store, where we all have to wear black. It's not so bad, but can get a bit boring. I'm tired of some of my work clothes, and decide I need a new skirt.

I've got some fabric lying around which I bought on a whim from a local  market stall for the bargain price of £3. (This stall is brilliant - most of the stuff starts at 50p)
50p stall, Ridley Rd Market, London

Next, I have to decide what to make. I have enough fabric to make something full, maybe with pockets, which is always useful for work. I've often seen pictures of skirts from the 1950's and 60's where the pockets stand away from thr skirt, and manage to dig out a pattern from my collection which does this:

Skirt with stand-away pockets

Next, I compare the measurements of the skirt to what I want. I think the pattern dates from the mid to late 1950's, when skirts were often worn much longer, around mid-calf. I don't really want it that long, and I don't have enough fabric, so I fold the pattern to a reasonable length, pin it to the fabric, and cut it out:

Pattern pieces after cutting out
The Union Jack fabric is going to be the surprise - all will be revealed later......

August 31 -
Start pinning everything together.

September 1 -
Go get some red lining and a zip from my old favourite, Dalston Mill fabrics, on Ridley Rd Market

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